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      • Add: Floor 2, Xinhe Commercial Center, 1-2#, Xiaobian Xinhe Road, Xiaobian Communality, Chang’An Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
        Tel: +86-769-85393899
        Fax: +86-769-85399699
        Add: Room 01, Floor 21, Xingfa Commercial Mansion, 9#, YinChong Street, Mong Kok, Hong Kong
        Tel: 00852-67339311
        Fax: 00852-67332977
        Website: www.joe-mentum.com

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              Dongguan SAWADA Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd. is located in Chang’An town of Dongguan in Guangdong Province. We introduce international top level machinery, advanced technology and complete service. Our agent products are mould processing machinery, metal cutting machinery.
      Zetian introduces domestic and abroad advanced technology to strengthen competitiveness for customers. We participate in many trade fair and technology fair each year to let customers learn our company and products. Thus they can get newest mechanical data and information.
      Nowadays there are more and higher requirements on product and service. In order to ensure pre-sale and after-sale service, we choose new employees carefully. And we provide professional training for all engineers and maintenance workers. We serve all customers with professional advice and technical support insisting on service tenet of “high speed, dedicated”.

      Four brands:
      FEELER Numerical Control Machine Tool has full series of machine, including, vertical type and horizontal type processing center, Longmen type 5 sides, 5 axles processing center, CNC lathe, flexible manufacturing system, NC wire-cutting and electronic processing equipment. And our products are popular due to high quality, high accuracy, high reliability, high advancement and high practicability. We not only promote state and local industrial grade, but also optimized industrial structure. “FEELER” products are marketing in home and abroad market. In 2006, it won customer satisfied product honor in domestic processing center investigation. Youjia has become numerical control machine tool manufacturer with large scale.

      DMG MORI
      DMG MORI will integrate German and Japan machine tool manufacturing technique. It combines advantages of MORI SEIKI and DMG. We have innovative solutions. As industrial leader, DMG MORI will make efforts to develop new products.

      Japan TOYODA
      Main machine tools of TOYODA cover cylindrical grinding machine, centerless grinding machine, horizontal machining centre, mould processing center, ultra-precision processing machine, PLC and numerical control products. We adopt high grade cast iron manufactured by our casting plant in lather bed to ensure product quality. In recent years, we pursue of latest and best processing technology and have created patents of machine tool design. Our equipments have high reputation relying on high running ratio, low failure rate and strict control on quality.

      The product is widely applied in communication, refrigeration, optical instrument, household appliance, motor vehicle, motor car, electronics, special motors and timepiece industry. There are 3 series in 20 specifications, such as, XKNC series CNC lathe, TX series rotation turret CNC lathe, SL series CNC lathe. The products have advantages of fast speed, high accuracy, high retentivity and high reliability. It is suitable for high precision and high-efficiency processing of small size complicated rotational parts. And it occupies 20% market share among small size digital controlled lathe market.

      Zetian is filled with concept and mission of becoming China best distribution partner of machine tools. And our enterprise culture is “mutual-benefit and win-win”. Zetian would like to become your reliable partners of all colleagues.